Bitcoin Is ‘Comforting’ And ‘Can’t Be Stopped,’ U.S. Senator Says

Bitcoin has its back covered by this American senator who believes in the potential of the crypto to bring good things to the U.S. financial sector and economy in general. Senator Cynthia Lummis may be the most prominent champion for the crypto sector in Congress. Her strong support for the


China Arrests Cybercriminal Group Suspected For Laundering $5.6 Billion

Since the growing crypto issues, high inflation, and happenings like the Terra collapse have shocked the world, law enforcement agencies, including China, have been working actively to protect users and capture criminals. China has busted a new group in a recent crackdown on money launderers. Cybercriminals and fraudsters from almost


Lazarus Hacker Group Targets MacOS Users Through Crypto Jobs

The Lazarus Group are North Korean hackers who are now sending unsolicited and fake crypto jobs targeted toward Apple’s macOS operating system. The hacker group has deployed malware which conducts the attack. This latest variant of the campaign is being scrutinised by the cybersecurity company SentinelOne. The cybersecurity company found


Crypto Bust: China Collars 93 For Laundering $5 Billion In Digital Currencies

China has become a hotbed of illicit crypto trade lately. The country has earned quite a reputation in the international community when it comes to scams and illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies. For the past months and years, there have been a number of notable illicit activities originating from the country or


By The Numbers: A Bitcoin Bear Market Without BitMEX

Since the inception of bitcoin, bull and bear markets have been a natural part of its growth. However, like with anything that lasts a long time, the market has evolved, and so has the concentration of various things in the market. One of these changes has come in the form


Binance Froze $1.5 Million Ties To Money Laundering Scheme, India Authorities Say

India’s law enforcement agency Directorate of Enforcement (ED) froze over $1,5 million deposited in crypto exchange Binance. The funds were deposited in Bitcoin via a transaction tie to crypto exchange WazirX and the Mobile Gaming App called E-Nuggets. According to a press release from the Directorate of Enforcement, the Mobile


Data: Most Bitcoin Mining Firms Have Lost Money Over The Years

Data shows most of the public Bitcoin mining companies have been accumulating losses during their lifetimes. Bitcoin Mining Firms Have Been Losing Money Over The Years As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, out of the public miners in the red, Core Scientific has especially large losses of


Don’t Fight The Fed: FOMC Meeting Is Most Volatile For Bitcoin Ever

The FOMC meeting has been done and dusted, but its impact on the price of bitcoin has left a lasting market. Where the market had expected volatility following such an important meeting for the financial market, it was steeper than expected. Looking back, it has been one of the most


Russia Plans To Roll-Out Its First Ever CBDC Soon

As more expansions and innovations in cryptocurrency emerge, many nations are utilizing its unlimited possibilities hence, the development and exploration of central bank digital currency (CBDC) are increasing in several countries. Many problems are associated with traditional banking in the global system today. These issues have spiked the need and


The Bitcoin Policy Institute Explains Why CBDCs And The US Are Not A Match

The latest report by The Bitcoin Policy Institute goes for the lowest hanging fruit. It tries to convince US politicians that “CBDCs will erode the distinction between America and authoritarianism,” which is true. To accomplish that, The Bitcoin Policy Institute appeals to the cheapest trick in the book: comparing the


Bitcoin Price Will Soar 13% By October 31, Crypto Community Predicts

Over the past couple of months, Bitcoin price has been dealing with a narrow trading range trying its best to make a full recovery after plummeting into a series of dips. Bitcoin repeatedly failed to move past the $25K mark Almost 22,000 predicted its price to soar next month Worst-case


Bitcoin Withstands Dollar Dominance Better Than Equities, Gold, Etc.

Bitcoin, along with the majority of the crypto market, hasn’t always been friends with the month of September. Bitcoin records MTD performance rate of 0.83% Gold struggles along with equities such as SPX and NDQ Gold’s total market value currently stands at $75.086 trillion Historically, September is considered to be