ADA Bulls Rub Hands In Glee As Cardano Plans $200 Million Projects Funding To Grow Its Ecosystem

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Cardano’s founding entity has pledged to roll out $200 million for projects on the blockchain.Africa’s blockchain projects will take half of the money as Emurgo marks $100 million for the continent’s blockchain development.With more DeFi projects, Cardano bulls still believe the blockchain will overtake Ethereum.  Cardano’s growth


Charles Hoskinson Shows Millions Of Cardano “Ghost” Transactions Using Zero Network Bandwidth

– Advertisement – Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Compares Network Delegation Transactions To Ghost Transactions. Hoskinson continues to champion differences between Cardano and Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS). Today, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson compared Cardano delegation transactions to ghost transactions after a stake pool operator (SPO) highlighted that it consumed no network bandwidth.