What is Cryptocurrency?

Story originally published on https://koop360.com/blog/what-is-cryptocurrency/The phrase “digital money” is often used to describe cryptocurrencies. While this description is correct, it falls short of describing what makes Bitcoin so unique and appealing to so many investors.You’ve come to the correct site if you’re curious about what Cryptocurrency is and want to


How Crypto Miners Make the World Greener?

Story originally published on https://koop360.com/blog/how-crypto-miners-make-the-world-greener/Currently, the HIVE blockchain’s (HIVE) 30-megawatt data center in Boden, Sweden, houses around 15000 crypto mining rigs which are basically a blend of hardware elements such as GPU, CPU, ASIC, or FPGA to execute cryptocurrency mining. At times, the facility comes down to assist the local