Bitcoiners Will Not Accept Overregulation

This is a transcribed excerpt of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” hosted by P and Q. In this episode, they are joined by Andy Edstrom CFA, CFP and advisor to Swan Bitcoin to talk about government regulation, how to expose your family to bitcoin, the right time to buy and what


Russia Starts Developing Mechanism for International Crypto Payments

Financial authorities in Russia have begun work on a mechanism to facilitate the employment of cryptocurrencies for settlements with other nations amid sanctions. The country’s central bank and finance ministry have already agreed on a draft law regulating cross-border crypto payments. Regulators in Russia Move Toward Legalizing Use of Cryptocurrency


Moscow Exchange Suggests Issuing Crypto Receipts for Those Afraid of Blockchain

The Moscow Exchange has proposed to legalize the issuance of receipts for digital financial assets. The trading platform says this will allow custodians to offer clients who are not ready for distributed ledgers to essentially work with securities. MOEX also plans to become a licensed crypto exchange operator. Largest Russian


Estonia Approves First Bitcoin, Crypto Bank After New Legislation

Striga gains regulatory approval to operate in Estonia as a VASP. The company is the first VASP to be approved following the country’s reworked legislation for VASPs. The law requires KYC information, capital requirements, and affiliation with Estonia.Striga, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency bank, became the first virtual asset service provider


Draft US stablecoin bill would ban new algo stablecoins for 2 years

It’s reported the bills’ definition will cover “endogenously collateralized stablecoins,” which depend on the value of an attached cryptocurrency from the same creator for it to maintain a stable price. 2574 Total views 56 Total shares Draft legislation in the United States House of Representatives would place a two-year ban