Secured #3: Security Teams

Over the past year, the Ethereum Foundation has significantly grown its team of dedicated security researchers and engineers. Members have joined from a variety of backgrounds ranging from cryptography, security architecture, risk management, exploit development as well as having worked on red and blue teams. The members come from different


Finalized no. 34

tl;dr Kiln🧱🔥 is up, check it out#TestingTheMerge is in full swing. Do your part, get involved! Kiln🧱🔥 is up, check it out One week ago, the Kiln🧱🔥 testnet went through the Merge transition to evolve from a PoW testnet to a fully functional PoS testnet. If you run validators on


Announcing the Kiln Merge Testnet

The Kintsugi 🍵 merge testnet, launched late December, has been a valuable testing ground for The Merge. Through various test suites, multi-client devnets, shadow forks of Goerli, application deployments, and the community’s help #TestingTheMerge, we’ve arrived at a set of stable and robust protocol specifications. Now that clients have implemented


Secured #2: Public Vulnerability Disclosures

Today, we disclosed the first set of vulnerabilities from the Ethereum Foundation’s Bug Bounty Programs. These vulnerabilities were previously discovered and reported directly to the Ethereum Foundation or client teams via the Bug Bounty Programs for both the Execution Layer and Consensus Layer. Through its Bug Bounty Programs, which allow

Finalized no. 33

tl;dr Merge progress — minor spec updates, engineering full steam ahead 🚂No progress in client diversity. Be selfish, run a minority client! Merge update First of all — fantastic work to all of the engineering teams on the Kintsugi sprint, which culminated in the launch of the Kintsugi Merge testnet.


Mainnet Merge Announcement

Ethereum is moving to proof-of-stake! The transition, known as The Merge, must first be activated on the Beacon Chain with the Bellatrix upgrade. After this, the proof-of-work chain will migrate to proof-of-stake upon hitting a specific Total Difficulty value.The Bellatrix upgrade is scheduled for epoch 144896 on the Beacon Chain


Sepolia Merge Announcement

Note: on July 5, 2022, the recommended releases for go-ethereum and Erigon were modified. See “Client Releases” for details.Sepolia will be the second of three public testnets to run through The Merge.The network will transition to proof-of-stake when the total difficulty on the proof-of-work chain exceeds 17,000,000,000,000,000, which is expected


KZG Ceremony Grant Round

The Protocol Support team is organizing a grant round to support the upcoming Ethereum KZG Ceremony. The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual that will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling initiatives like EIP-4844. Learn more about the Ceremony and participate in the test version at If


Ropsten Shutdown Announcement

As previously announced, the Ropsten network has been deprecated and will be shut down in the coming weeks. Over the past few months, infrastructure providers have gradually stopped supporting the network and validator participation rates have been steadily declining. The vast majority of remaining validator nodes will be shut down